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100% Organic
Flower beds
Borders and Perennials

Keep those colorful perennials looking beautiful all season long. Sweet Peet® mulch helps nourish plants and flowers keeping them healthy and beautiful all season.

Using Sweet Peet® provides a highly desirable growing medium known as compost, but unlike other compost, Sweet Peet® does not need to be stored or cured for 6-12 months before being used. This is a real benefit for maximizing land use.

See why Sweet Peet® is the designers choice when it comes to professional landscaping. Click here.


Sweet Peet® Tip:

When spread to a depth of 3 to 4 inches Sweet Peet® will prevent compaction, add water retentative properties, suppress weeds and nourishing the root system for healthier, more vigorous plants. A 3 to 4 inch layer spread around plants is enough to suppress weed growth.

During formulation Sweet Peet® goes through a thermal stage where weeds and weed seeds are destroyed, preventing contamination in your garden. Sweet Peet® enriches the soil and improves tilth, encourages beneficial earthworms and replenishes microbes that are often destroyed by harsh chemicals and acid rain.