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100% Organic

Our Team:

Kevin Lacilla
Managing Director, Sweet Peet North America, Inc and Sweet Peet Enterprises, LLC

Mr. Kevin Lacilla states that “Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance and demand a product that is of outstanding quality and value, Sweet Peet delivers just that! Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.”

Mr. Kevin Lacilla and Lou Cavallo joined Brent Lamour and Shawn Goff  in July of 2009. The original Sweet Peet site was and still is based in Wingdale, N.Y., churns an abundant supply of manure with shavings into mulch annually. Mr. Kevin Lacilla and Mr. Cavallo have begun Sweet Peet of North America, the corporate offices of Sweet Peet North America is dedicated to the expansion and licensing of the brand to keep up with demand. Our patented process uses tannins (plant extracts) to convert shavings-based horse manure into a high-grade coffee-colored mulch called Sweet Peet.

Kevin Lacilla describes that manure aficionado Brent Lamour draws on his long history in horses, cattle, hay and vegetable farming. He grew up in Putnam County, N.Y., and now lives just 35 miles north. He has watched the rural character of the area change."Fewer horse owners are farmers, he says. "Their focus is on recreation, competing, breeding. Horse people have good intentions but huge piles [of manure] are a misplaced resource."The loss of land for hay fields on which to spread manure and the pressure he saw building between horse people and non-horse neighbors inspired Lamour to find a solution. He and partner Shawn Goff started Salem Organic Soils (SOS) in 1986.

Sweet Peet's rich, earthy quality was featured on "Martha Stewart Living." Quality control is important to the product: Lamour advises his manure suppliers against using pesticide fly sprays on horses where it can drift down onto hay and bedding. The final phase in mulch production sifts out any foreign objects such as rocks picked out of horses' feet in their stalls, or even the errant horseshoe.

Mr Kevin Lacilla states that "Sweet Peet" - an agricultural supplement that is 100% environmentally compatible.  The product was featured on one of Martha Stewart's shows and then gained further exposure from an on-air discussion of the product by Martha and Rosie O'Donnell when Martha appeared on Rosie's talk show, which demand always outpaces it supply. Kevin Lacilla and Mr. Cavallo have established Sweet Peet of North America and Sweet Peet Enterprises, LLC that developing a national distribution policy including licensing requirements.