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100% Organic
Testimonial Banner
Over the years Sweet Peet® has become a favorite of landscapers, gardeners and the nurseries which supply it. Much of Sweet Peet's success comes from the word-of-mouth comments customers make to their friends and neighbors. Here are just a few examples:

Sweet Peet® feeds all my plants, suppresses weeds and dresses my garden...

Starr Ockenga
Author and Gardener

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Fruit trees Sweet Peet® provides rapid establishment, bigger trees and a shorter wait for luscious fruit.

Alan Haig

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gardening Sweet Peet® is the best Gold in gardening I've ever found.

Kari Katzander
Landscape Designer

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Sweet Peet® helps to keep newly planted trees weed free and retain moisture during summer.

Laura Fisher
Artist and Gardener

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Mulch  Sweet Peet® is Great!

Brad Cooper
Cooper Mulch

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Shrubs Sweet Peet® is useful for soil and bed preparation because of its unique combination of neutral ph, nutrients and minerals.

Paul Kenning
Landscape Designer

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garden Sweet Peet® is used throughout the garden to suppress weeds, enrich the soil...

The Garden of Ideas
Ridgefield, CT

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Sweet Peet® is a fantastic mulch for flower beds... it holds moisture and heat in.

Dykeman's Farm
Wright & Beth Dykeman

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Trees Sweet Peet® has reduced labor costs because it is weed free.

Green Chimney's School
Joseph A. Whalen

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My gardens owe some of their splendor to the richness of the soil Sweet Peet® provides.

Keeler Hill Farm
Lois Quinn Lippman

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