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100% Organic
Vegetable gardens
All Natural, Organic Sweet Peet® Is Safe For Use In Fruit and Vegetable Gardens.

It's dinner time...

Sweet Peet® is the mulch of choice for producing rich, juicy, beautiful fruits and vegetables. Let Sweet Peet® help you prepare your next meal, by creating nutrient-rich soil for your vegetable garden.

Because Sweet Peet® contains only all-natural, organic ingredients it is entirely safe to use in fruit and vegetable gardens and in orchards. Its near neutral pH value helps in both acid and alkaline soils in maintaining the ph sweet spot to release locked up nutrients to the feeder roots of garden plants.

A 3 to 4 inch layer will aid in moisture retention, weed suppression, and increase tilth which helps promote new root growth. Sweet Peet® will help soils which are overly acid or alkaline. Unlike other mulches which may contain chemical dyes and waste wood products, Sweet Peet® offers all of these benefits in a safe formulation.


Vegetable Gardens

Sweet Peet® is 100% organic and is free of any, chemicals or harmful materials.